Promoting Personalized Medicine

Cepmed promotes the science and practice of personalized medicine for the benefit of individuals, our healthcare system and the economy.   Personalized medicine is a proactive approach to healthcare based on technological advances that enable the use of genetic or molecular information in treating and preventing disease. These advances have the potential to transform healthcare, health care systems and the role each of us plays in it, as a user, a provider or a payor.

Cepmed’s Personalized Medicine Portal

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Crowd scene: Commercializing personalized medicine services and products.


Cepmed promotes the commercialization of high-value services and products derived from public-private partnerships that use three key technology platforms.

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Personalized Medicine Portal

Cepmed has launched a web-based Personalized Medicine Portal for Canadians and joined DNA Direct by Medco’s Genomic Medicine Network (GMN).

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Knowledge Translation

By engaging and collaborating with various types of stakeholders, Cepmed aims to empower physicians, health care providers, patients, policy-makers and researchers in ways that accelerate the implementation of personalized medicine and the realisation of its benefits.


Canadian Physician Survey

This survey of Canadian cardiologists, oncologists, and family physicians provides baseline data on the current practice and perceptions of personalized medicine, barriers to adoption, and potential impacts on healthcare.

Centre of Excellence

Networks of Centres of Excellence

Cepmed is a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR).  The CECR program was established to advance research and facilitate commercialization in 4 priority areas.